Natural Disarmament

F-15 jet from static display at air base overturned by the hurricane

The US military and its activities have had a detrimental impact on the environment worldwide. This is not too surprising since the US military’s own manual, Environmental Considerations observes that, “The primary mission of the military is to fight and win wars. Warfare is destructive to humans and to the natural environment.”

However the natural environment can also strike back, and did so on x October 2018 in a ‘natural disarmament’ action. Hurricane Michael flattened a US military air force base in northern Florida, likely damaging almost 2 squadrons of planes left there before the storm hit. The US Air Force has indicated that damage is likely to have occurred, however there has been no specifics regarding the loss or damage to the aircraft.

The 20+ F22 stealth aircraft, one of its most expensive fighters, are worth a combined 8.2 billion US dollars. Aerial photographs found them sitting in damaged or destroyed buildings at the air base. As the aircraft are no longer manufactured, the US military may need to cannibalize existing aircraft for repairs.

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